Here are the traffic statistics of my VPS running this blog and a Tor Guard / Middle Relay

After migrating this blog to an own VPS (virtual private server) and installing a Tor relay I used tor-arm to get live statistics of my network traffic generated by Tor.
But this wasn’t enough for me. I love the simple graphics of MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) and wanted to use it for my server, too.

Because I didn’t find an easy way to integrate the MRTG-generated page into this blog (the paths generated by MRTG point to the root-folder of MRTG, which is a subfolder of WordPress and this leads to broken links), I will only show the daily graph as an preview. The whole statistics can be found on the „real“ MRTG page

daily traffic

Click here for full statistics

And here are the Tor statistics

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