If you have just updated to iOS 11 and are using the native iOS mail app to connect to your Microsoft Exchange 2016 Server running under Windows Server 2016, then you’ll have to deal with several problems like not being able to send / receive mails. The cause is that iOS 11 now uses HTTP/2 to communicate with Exchange. HTTP/2 is also the preferred method of Server 2016 to communicate with clients when Exchange ActiveSync is being used. It seems that there are problems with the correct implementation of HTTP/2. The current workaround is to disable HTTP/2 on the Windows Server.Read More →

If your OWA or ECP Site are showing blank pages after Login and your Outlooks are having problems connecting to the server, then its worth to check the certificates of the „Exchange Back End“ in the IIS. I have heard of cases were the IIS lost the information which certificate has to be used for the Back End after a server crash. I myself experienced the same after replacing an outdated self-signed certificate and forgot to change it for the Exchange Back End, too. Right-Click on „Exchange Back End“ Click „Bindings“ (the screenshot is from a German system…) If you see „Not selected“ than you have to choose aRead More →

After upgrading a Veeam Backup & Replication 9.0 installation to version 9.5 the tape job stopped working with an error:

  Something must have gone wrong during the upgrade with the database, but the solution is really simple: Clone the job (right click on the job), delete the original job, enable the cloned one and it’ll work fine again.Read More →

Today I had a customer who lost nearly all his Desktop Icons -> he has been logged on with a temporary user profile. The Application Log shows an Error 1505 for the User Profile Service. This error is fairly easy to solve, Microsoft has published a KB article for this specific problem: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/947215Read More →

Here are the traffic statistics of my VPS running this blog and a Tor Guard / Middle Relay After migrating this blog to an own VPS (virtual private server) and installing a Tor relay I used tor-arm to get live statistics of my network traffic generated by Tor. But this wasn’t enough for me. I love the simple graphics of MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) and wanted to use it for my server, too.Read More →