I now have a new host for this blog, now its running on a VPS at 1und1.de one of Germany’s biggest hosters and also acting as a tor relay.

When I started this blog, a few month ago it began as a complete all-in-one package of 1und1 containing one domain and a out-of-the-box ready WordPress blog.
In the past time I played a bit around with running a tor relay. I first used very old hardware of an out-dated mail archiving appliance, installed FreeBSD with pfsense on it and put a tor relay on top of it. Its main purpose was to act as a firewall for my home connection, but as soon as I realised that things didn’t go as I thought (my bandwith is way too low and I don’t have a static IP at home) I shut the system down and began to flirt with renting a VPS for a few bucks per month.

So here we are! A small VPS, fast enough to run this blog, and enough bandwith to act as a tor relay. If you are interested in the details for the relay, check its statistics!

there seems to be a bug in arm – the average bandwidth is way too high 😉


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