Exchange Mailbox databases won’t get any smaller on your storage until you run an Offline Defragmentation If you ever took a look at the space being used by an Exchange database on your storage you may have noticed that the databases only grow in their size, but they will never shrink. I wrote in this article how you can purge soft-deleted mailboxes from Exchange 2010 databases and mentioned, that the space within the database will only be marked as free, but the database won’t get smaller on your storage until you run an Offline Defragmentation.Read More →

There is a long thread in the Veeam forums about the best way of protecting the Veeam Backup & Replication server itself. One member asked how he could protect his virtualized Veeam server. Of course this sounds a bit confusing: Veeam is protecting VMs, but how do you recover Veeam running in a VM when your Veeam is lost? The Greenies at Veeam have a relative simple solution for this, which I posted in the forum: I would recommend to copy the „Veeam.Backup.Extractor.exe“ and the „Extract.exe“ to an external storage. You need them to restore the files of one or more VMs from a VBKRead More →

Die neuen Cumulative Updates für Exchange 2016 – Exchange 2007 wurden veröffentlicht. Für Exchange Server 2016 ist es somit das erste Cumulative Update. Download und Changelog im Folgenden: Exchange 2016 CU 1 und Changelog Exchange 2013 CU 12 und Changelog Exchange 2010 SP3 UR 13 und Changelog Exchange 2007 SP3 UR 19 und Changelog Die Liste der Änderungen bei Exchange 2016 ist recht kurz, dennoch geht Microsoft weiterhin den Weg, dass eine komplett neue ISO zum Download angeboten wird. Es wird also der Weg von Exchange 2013 weiter gegangen, auf ähnliche Weise wird es bei Windows 10 ja auch praktiziert. Allerdings beträgt der Download satteRead More →